We are a brand housed under FableStreet, offering fusion-wear for the woman of today.

Our Story

The modern day woman, across the globe, has been embracing herself and making a dent in whatever field of work she chooses. She is a creator, an entrepreneur, a professional, a friend, a mentor, a guide; playing multiple roles while at home, office or even at a cafe having coffee. The spaces where she creates, works and unwinds are not separate from one another, and consequently there is an overlap in her outfits as well.

Drawing inspiration from cultures and elements of nature across the world, we aim to create garments and stories that represent unified emotions of hope and optimism, and collective experiences of women around the world.

Created and designed by women, we celebrate our bodies and believe that every size, every curve and every colour is beautiful. A brand under the house of FableStreet, which specializes in sizing and fit-technology for women apparel, we carry that expertise in our designs, and are inclusive in our reach to customers across the globe.

Marigold is for the woman of today—a woman who nurtures her ambitions, is comfortable in her own skin, and rejoices in her uniqueness. Her being is continuously evolving and it inspires a world of women to embrace themselves for who they are. She is her own woman, who, like a marigold, is rooted in her individuality and holds her head up towards the sky.

Product Philosophy

A marigold is everything that makes our days happier and brighter. And that is what we are all about.

Fresh and Contemporary: Inspired by cultural and natural elements across the globe, our designs are contemporary and we combine colour, fabric, and silhouette in a way that, like a marigold, will evoke a feeling of freshness in you.

Fluid and Flowy: The silhouette of our garments are flowy and the drape will fall beautifully on your body. It will make you feel free and relaxed, as you transition from one role to another, throughout the day.

Comfortable and Breathable: All our garments are made from breathable fabrics and have silhouettes that will keep you comfortable, easy and relaxed, even when you are on the go.

Why “Marigold”?

Commonly found in bright colours of yellow, orange and red, its uses are versatile, ranging from decorations to textile colouring.

Like a marigold, we imbue our environment with the freshness of our designs, vibrancy of our colours, and fluidity of our fabrics.

Originally cultivated by the Aztecs in Mexico, its seed was transported across the Atlantic to Spain, and later travelled to France and Northern Africa, and is also one of the most popular flowers in India.

We may originate in one place, but, like a marigold, our products are inspired from natural and cultural elements of local environs across the globe, so as to match the sensibilities of a global audience.

Marigold, due to its colour and form, is a symbol of strength, optimism, and auspiciousness across the world.

Adorned in our clothes, you will get in touch with your innate creativity, warmth and beauty.

It is global, versatile, and always fresh.